from 30 October 2017 to 1 November 2017
Citywest Hotel
Europe/Dublin timezone

Welcome to the Submission System for the Global Scrum Gathering® Dublin 2017!

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Iain McKenna (CST®) and Michel Goldenberg (CST®) along with the Session Review Teams have set the following timeline for submission, review, and selection of the Global Scrum Gathering® Dublin 2017 program:

Schedule Overview

SYSTEM OPENS – February 13, 2017

SYSTEM CLOSES – March 27 23:59 Dublin Time

Review Phase [System Closed] – March 27 – May 1

Final Review Phase [System Closed] – May 1 – May 14

Accepted & Rejected Notifications Sent – Week of May 15

Deadline for Accepted Speakers to Confirm – May 22

Program Announced – June 1, 2017

Global Scrum Gathering® Dublin 2017 - Individuals and Interactions, A Return to the Essence of Agility

In 2001, when The Manifesto for Agile Software Development was created, the original authors wrote “…we have come to value Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools”.  They did not mean that processes and tools have no value but that one of the biggest determinants of success when developing software lies with the individuals involved and the way that they interact together and with the wider stakeholder community; yet so often when talking to people in agile teams we hear that particular tools, frameworks, and processes are mandated by their organization, indeed many organizations start by selecting processes and tools to start their agile journey.  Teams often find that it is very difficult to change the mandated tools and that the tools often require them to follow certain processes in order for the tool to work.  At this point, the tool owns the process which owns the people, which is – of course – the wrong way around.  This year’s gathering will focus on the importance of skilled, professional individuals, empowered to do their best work and respected as professionals by their organization and how by having empowered and respected individuals interacting together great things can happen and great products can be created.

Levels - All tracks are accepted sessions within the following categories. There should only be ONE primary target audience and should be carefully considered based on the content of your session.

Level 1 – I've started the journey You’re at or near the start of your agile journey, but that’s ok because help is at hand to enable you to accelerate your learning to give you an early boost to transform your world of work.

Level 2 – I've made good progress but still have a way to go You’ve taken those early steps, started to learn by experimenting and you have now whet your appetite and are looking for ways to learn more and to help others to transform their world of work.

Level 3 – I'm in a good place but want to learn from the experiences of others in a similar place You are an agile expert and now you want to know what other people like you are trying in their daily work.  You may feel that it’s getting harder to learn from others but we are here to help you learn new ways to transform your organization and beyond.


The Essence of Agile: Empowering People to own their own processes and tools rather than being owned by the process and tools.  Explore how to empower people and teams and discover how much more value can be created when people and teams are fully empowered to be the best that they can be.  Also explore what happens when people and teams aren’t empowered and are owned by their processes and tools.

Creating the Agile Organisation: Teams, Teams of Teams, and moving beyond teams into the wider organization.  Learn how to move beyond a single team or a few teams into the wider organization.  Moving beyond the IT teams even into other areas of the organization such as HR, sales, marketing, and even the executive.

Collaborating Effectively with Customers, Users and other Stakeholders: Creating products that delight all the stakeholders.  Extend agility beyond the development organization by learning how to engage effectively with customers, end users, and other stakeholders, after all – we don’t just want teams and organizations that are awesome at delivering software, we want to make sure that the software we deliver creates the maximum value we can for our customers and users.

We are looking for the following formats:

  • Workshop [90 minutes] - Presenter facilitates activities/exercises with the audience to illustrate learning and introduce discussion points.
  • Talk [60 minutes] - Presenter is speaking for most of the time (using slides or other visual aids); Audience interaction is minimal.

Beside the different formats we're looking for proposals from people who are new to Scrum/Agile and those who are experienced. Don't hesitate to submit your proposal. Community means to share and everybody is equal.

Starts 30 Oct 2017 07:00
Ends 1 Nov 2017 17:00
Citywest Hotel
Dublin, Ireland